2020 will be always remembered as a different year. Reasons will vary for each one of us. As for myself it was a positive year with a lot of mixed feelings associated. Just like a spinning top trying to be keep the equilibrium of the flow. Exceptionally with a lot more disturbance.

Taking the good, the bad and the evil out of my heart and chest is a good way to start 2021 in the right foot. Now the reflection:

The good

Focusing on learning

The lockdown gave an excellent opportunity to pursue new skills. The…

In the past years of my time I have been used to work for the community. Volunteering has been with me since my third year of university and it was the time where my life changed from procrastinating to actually doing something of good.

In volunteering there is always a goal. Environment, social, cultural, technological and so on. The number of interests is enormous which involves hundred of different tasks to be done. Let’s head into it:

Comfort zone.

I will start with a bold statement.

Most of the volunteering tasks you will perform are out of your comfort zone. …

I felt that I was never good enough to deal with introvert people. Indirectly my brother helped me change that. When saying indirectly it is most because of the various experiences I had with him though out the years.

Both of us had a tough childhood to high school which lead in different ways to perceive things. I became an extrovert with time while my brother became an introvert.

Each one have its pros and cons with the focus standing on the social matter. …

Microsoft Graph provides access to the enormous amount of data existent on the Office 365 Universe + Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility + Security.

These data gives the possibility to enrich the user experience by creating new apps that can fill the missing gaps from a organization or user perspective or by empowering it.

Microsoft Graph exposes diversified REST APIs and client libraries that can be easily accessible in order to obtain the information. The following image represents some of the zones that Microsoft Graph provides access in.

A simple HTTP request to Graph is the necessary to retrieve information…

Sometimes writing has requirements that you can’t avoid. Requirements that might let you reconsider if your writing capacity is on par to the task.

In the following article I will talk about an experience I had with requirements in order to get approved status on projects. The article is divided in some context and the fundamentals on the writing.


A big part of the organizations involved with youth in Europe are connected with the youth programs provided by the European institutions.

The European institutions launched a considerable number of programs to make youth realize the importance of these institutions into…

Git is know to be an incredible tool in distributed development allowing developers to work as a team in an agile way. The learning curve between being a newbie to mastering it will be different from developer to developer.

However some actions you take might slow its learning process. Here are some thoughts I picked over the years working as a developer using Git and observing others using Git.

Heading straight into GUI Tools without trying to use the terminal

There are lots of tools relatable with Git that attempt to boost the productivity of developers by giving shortcuts or fancy UI to be used during the development process.

In general…

In our jobs we spend countless hours reading papers, articles or news that come and go. Others write reports that explain all the facts of an important matter, some create statistical documents that will be used for analytical examination.

But when it comes to personal writing not everyone is willing to try it

I see myself a large number of times reading opinions on the same theme by different authors each one with its own essence, ways of exposing their opinions and final conclusions. …

It is impossible to have our lives without occasionally having those down moments that creates anomalies in our routine and emotional pressure in our decisions.

Vila do Conde beach.

Frustration appears specially when we reach our emotional limit. It influences on our decisions by not allowing us to have a clear perception of all the points when we need to make a decision. Becoming attached to our emotions without looking the existing facts is half the way into releasing thoughts that will created more damage than good.

One thing is for certain, frustration may or not appear in every situation depending on factors past…

For those who work at least 8 hours sat in a chair like me it is fundamental to have a routine of exercise planned or the body will show you signs that something is not right.

One example is the lower back pain that can persist for quite some time which if not addressed can become more severe. In my case it was starting to extend to my left leg blocking me to perform tasks such as holding a gear when I was driving a car going uphill, without having insane pain on my leg.

When I went back to…

Let’s say you want to have an API that will provide zip files based on some sort of information provided by the user which is stored in some blobs.

And the API is located in a remote server which you don’t want to create temporary folders.

For this matter we are gonna use mainly:

  • Memory stream
  • Zip archive ( introduced in .NET 4.5 )

Let’s start by downloading the information from a remote location and transform it into an array of bytes which we are gonna use later. …

Paulo Cardoso

Software Programmer, Youth Facilitator, Idea Maker

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