2020 will be always remembered as a different year. Reasons will vary for each one of us. As for myself it was a positive year with a lot of mixed feelings associated. Just like a spinning top trying to be keep the equilibrium of the flow. Exceptionally with a lot more disturbance.

Spinning Top from Inception movie (Giphy)

Taking the good, the bad and the evil out of my heart and chest is a good way to start 2021 in the right foot. Now the reflection:

Focusing on learning

The lockdown gave an excellent opportunity to pursue new skills. The time was there anyway so why not use it wisely. To start brought more books this year than every other year combined. The main topic on them. Personal development and finance.

You can check what I read in GoodReads and share some more books I should read.

Black Friday happened and that time allow me also to buy five additional courses to grow knowledge. Brought them in Udemy. Two courses on IT specialisation and three on photography that are currently being used intensively.

The financial experience

WFH and the books related to personal finance, investing and trading showed another side of the coin. It is so important that should be taught on the schools.
I started to register every expense on its daily basis to track flaws. Had a budget to beat and most of all started investing a great portion of my income. This year Bitcoin was my biggest investment, followed by Tesla and Apple shares.

I would spend large chunks of my time reading financial statements from companies on which there was interest, tracking news, learning from others on approaching and understanding the concept of risk/reward. Got familiarised with the FIRE movement and started developing forms of passive income. Next year this will definitely get a large chunk of my free time.

During the pandemic I kept going to my dance classes. It was my moment to release a lot of my stress during the week. I’m glad there was no hesitation on this unlike other aspects this year.


Focusing 110 percent on working (also overworking) while learning reached overwhelming moments. As a consequence over-burning hit me hard and during at least two months I felt really tired. I had my sleep completely deregulated and focusing became challenging. On the two days I went vacation I sleep for 13h each day common on few weekends. The lack of routine and excessive use of computer were the main reasons why it happened.


There were lots of moments I went into total isolation from everything. Being alone can be beneficial but this time proved the contrary. Took me a while to start opening myself again. Saving it for myself created tremendous stress in me during the year.

Photo by Immo Wegmann on Unsplash

Prospects for 2021.

With a lot of work there was not enough exercise to compensate. Pilates and some home workout helped but it wasn’t enough.

This next year I plan to join a gym to complement the home workout and Pilates. ASAP.
The way I eat will also change. Want to challenge myself to become proper fit not so so/ worse.

As every year there were down moments. 2020 too many. The worse part were the mood swings and the easily discomfort when people were not flexible with me. I also didn’t meditate as much as I let it go to the second plan. A bad decision.

I hope a good routine, lots of exercise and external help can provide the stability I seek this 2021. After all 2020 was too rough.

I miss travelling. Missing tables full of people, laughs and long conversations. I know the start of 2021 will remain uncertain on this matter but I have high hopes that mid of the next year the normality will start to have ease.

2020 gave me the realisation that I’m driven by challenges. Motivation gets to the peak when things seem impossible to do or when nobody wants to do it. I need to translate that same motivation in own choices and dreams. As some say dream big a small step at a time.

I wish you all an incredible year of 2021 with lots of good vibes and experiences. 2020 is finally over with all the craziness.

Software Programmer, Youth Facilitator, Idea Maker

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